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We are delighted to announce the Botanica Bursary Fund!

The botanica2020 bursary scheme was created with the awareness that some persons who would benefit greatly from attending the conference might be unable to come due to their financial circumstances. With this in mind, at botanica2014, botanica2016, and botanica2018, we raised funds for a number of bursary positions at the next event.
These funds have been added to over the years via generous sponsorships from the Kicozo Institute, the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy as well as via private sponsorship. This has enabled a total of almost 50 people to date to attend the conference free of charge.

The botanica bursary waives the three-day conference attendance fee for botanica2020.

Full details can be seen here

We welcome your application if…

How to apply

We invite you to write a letter of motivation (up to 600 words is sufficient) that includes the following details:

Please do not apply if…

How to submit

This is important! Please read carefully! If you don’t follow these simple steps below, you will miss being included in the assessment. Please send us your letter of motivation as

Please do not send images or photos or any other attachments other than your Word document.

What happens next?

Following independent assessment, the botanica2020 bursary places will be awarded on January 1st 2020.
Successful applicants will be notified by email.