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Workshops at botanica2020

There are a total of 8 three-hour workshops taking place at botanica2020. These post-conference workshops will occur on Monday the 25th of May and are divided into 4 morning sessions and 4 afternoon sessions.

These workshops are only open to participants of botanica2020.

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There is an optional 19 euro lunch menu at Rikli Balance Hotel, comprising a buffet selection of 2 soups, sandwiches and salads – you will need to select this option upon booking your workshop; payment is made directly to the hotel on the day of your workshops.


WORKSHOP 1: Evidence-based clinical aromatherapy for Women’s Health
with Pam CONRAD (USA)

This intensive experiential class will focus on evidence-based essential oils and application methods for a range of women’s health issues including prenatal through postpartum care, premenstrual syndrome and the menopause. Together with Pam Conrad, you will consider a range of common obstetric and gynecological patient scenarios to collectively develop, demonstrate and discuss clinical aromatherapy treatment approaches with a goal for competent practice.

Learning objectives include:

  • Explore the evidence base for aromatherapy: prenatal through to postpartum
  • Outline the essential oils and methods that have an evidence base prenatal-postpartum and menarche-menopause
  • Define low and high-risk conditions and optimal paths of treatment
  • Demonstrate specific methods of aromatherapy delivery
  • Discuss indications and contraindications with obstetric scenarios with relation to aromatherapy
  • Review data from 10 years of hospital based clinical aromatherapy women’s health programs.

WORKSHOP 2: An olfactory journey through Slovenia: creation of a fragrant and original botanical product

Since the beginning of time, people have been searching for ways to extract scent from aromatic plants. Modern technologies have largely replaced traditional methods and synthetic products have replaced many natural extracts. With the growth of aromatherapy and natural perfumery, there is a quest for new fragrant materials and for more sustainable practices. Simple, traditional methods of extracting botanicals such as tincturing, infusion and enfleurage can provide a rich palette of scents, creating new memories and emotions, connecting us to the root of aromatherapy.

In this fascinating and inspiring olfactory journey, we will travel through the most aromatic parts of Slovenia in search of flowers, resins, leaves, seeds and roots. Slovenia is known for its rich biodiversity; we will walk through the forest, enjoy the breeze of the Mediterranean, take a rest in a luxurious flower garden and dive into a Spring meadow. We will explore various freshly gathered plants, home-made tinctures, infusions and pomades and discuss how they can be simply created.

In the practical part of this workshop, each participant will then make their own fragrant creation to take away with them. You will have at your disposal authentic Slovenian essences and a range of home-made extracts. Not only will you gain a greater knowledge and knowhow for different extraction methods, you will also create unforgettable scented memories.

WORKSHOP 3: Aromatic psychodynamics in skin care
with Danielle SADE (CANADA)

In this engaging class, join experienced aromatherapist and skin care formulator Danielle Sade to explore holistic approaches to effective skincare. The skin is the largest organ body and functions as being the first line of defence as a protective shield to the external world. Its health and appearance have a direct impact on the emotional well-being of an individual. Coping with an ongoing chronic skin condition or skin aging is beyond a physical setback, it also affects the state of mind and mood which further hinders quality of life.

In this workshop you will explore different methods of assessment related to skincare in your aromatherapy practice and then take this further into selecting appropriate and effective essential oils and topical bases that both improve skin health and quality of life.

Topics that will be addressed include

  • Scope of practice in aromatherapy (integrating an aromatherapy treatment plan for chronic skin conditions and aging)
  • The stigma of skin conditions
  • Focusing on listening for the unspoken words that can lead to an understanding how one feels when coping with a skin condition.
  • Effective essential oils for topical applications and emotional well-being for chronic skin conditions and aging.
  • Topical bases (oils, ointments and lotions) for chronic skin conditions and aging.
  • Dynamic formulations that are geared to both improve inflamed skin and improve quality of life.

WORKSHOP 4: Aromatherapy in an acute cancer setting: challenges, rewards and applications
with Jacqui STRINGER (UK)

Working with people who are undergoing active treatment for cancer is a powerful and humbling experience. However, it can also be daunting and there are many questions relating to when and what is safe with regard to using essential oils within an acute oncology centre. Using an evidence-base and over 40 years of experience combining her training in nursing, psychology, research and aromatherapy, Jacqui will use her own experiences to share how she has addressed issues of safety, efficacy and therapist’s confidence when working within this environment. The workshop will have key learning objectives for participants:

  • Knowing how to safely develop / expand a service, integrating evaluation to confirm both safety and efficacy
  • Being comfortable with boundaries to practice
  • Feeling able to address challenges from other professionals
  • Feeling confident to work safely whatever the situation (e.g. treating the septic patient)
  • Understanding how to integrate oils into a treatment when working with someone who is vulnerable (e.g. during chemotherapy)
  • Having explored the benefits of different applications (e.g. Aroma sticks)
  • Having had the opportunity to look at some scenarios highlighting commonly encountered clinical challenges (e.g. management of malodour)

It is recognised that participants attending the workshop may have specific questions they would like addressing. Time permitting, the aim therefore will be to also provide opportunity at the end of the workshop to respond to these.

LUNCH BREAK 12.30 - 13.30


WORKSHOP 5: The HEARTS process: An effective and simple tool for relaxation and pain management

In this informative and practical class, learn how to safely, ecologically and efficiently use HEARTS (UK) with a certified HEARTS (UK) teacher. This technique can be used in in a clinical setting, private practice or home, making it possible to provide rapid relaxation, pain management, emotional relief and wellbeing.

HEARTS is an acronym for Hands-on, Empathy, Aroma, Relax, Texture and Sound. It is therapeutically offered as the 'HEARTS Process', drawing on a range of natural skills and different sensorial experiences with the aim to be able to be implemented in any kind of setting.

This useful relaxation approach was designed to be used where conventional massage techniques were inappropriate or difficult to perform. It can be used for all ages and all situations. It provides rapid relaxation, grounding and is also suitable for emotional issues such as anxiety, depression and grief. It is practiced by aromatherapists, physiotherapists, nurses, masseurs and carers.

In this session the basic HEARTS technique will be learned. Different elements of HEARTS will be discussed, with particular attention to the Aroma element, showing how to safely integrate essential oils for maximum treatment efficacy. Different proven formulas will also be provided and you will learn how to apply them in different settings and situations using commonly found essential oils.

WORKSHOP 6: The ins and outs of how essential oils work combined with effective blend creation

This lively class is facilitated by two aromatherapy experts who will share their personal essential oil stories to help you gain more confidence with choosing essential oils and application methods using scientific evidence.

Joy Bowles will begin the class by exploring pharmacokinetic pathways, liver metabolism and the ways in which essential oil constituents can affect cells. This knowledge will increase your understanding of how essential oils can be safely used to enhance physical wellbeing. In essence, Joy will explain what happens to essential oil constituents when they are applied to the body, where they go and what they do, showcasing key constituents.
In the practical part of the workshop, Dropsmith’s founder Melani Kovac will join Joy to investigate effective dosages and how to creat blends to target your desired therapeutic outcome. We will use the modern, fun and visual aromatherapy platform Dropsmith to make the information easier to grasp and show how it can be used in everyday practice.

Safety, toxicity, potential drug interactions and how scientific research contributes to safe practice will wrap up the session.
As an exclusive bonus, all attendees will be gifted full access to Dropsmith for 30 days to further your aromatherapy practice as well as a copy of Joy’s e-book “Inside Aromatherapy”.
A laptop, tablet or smartphone will be useful but not essential to bring to this session.

WORKSHOP 7: Aromatherapy as part of an integrative therapy approach for Lyme disease
with Linda-Anne KAHN (USA)

Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis) is an infectious disease that is transmitted by deer ticks to humans by a single bite. It can affect the heart, skin, nervous system and joints. Patients suffer from multiple symptoms including chronic fatigue, brain fog, lowered immunity, inflammation, joint pains, sleep disturbance, chronic viral infections and more. Many patients also suffer with other co-infections such as Babesia microti and Bartonella henselae in addition to moulds and mycoplasma.

Aromatherapy is an excellent integrative therapy for conditions such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. In this exciting class, learn from a hands-on expert practitioner how to incorporate aromatherapy, lymph massage and detoxification into the treatment of this devastating disease. We will be discussing which essential oils stimulate the immune system and the role of lymphatic massage and detoxification in this treatment. Discover which oils improve oxygenation of the body’s tissues to help detoxify and provide improved immune support as well as helping to disrupt biofilm in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.

WORKSHOP 8: Fusion AromaCare™ for Challenging Symptoms
in Dementia Care

Dementia is a term to describe a set of symptoms, usually yet not solely occurring in the elderly, that may include memory loss and difficulty thinking, problem-solving or language, and also changes in mood or behaviour. Dementia is caused by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes, which can lead to Vascular Dementia. It is often not recognised that dementia is a fatal brain disease rather than a psychiatric illness. Dementia a leading cause of death in many parts of the world, and – due to several factors, such as global aging - an increasing burden on patients, their families and society. People with dementia – especially those with advanced dementia in nursing homes or hospitals - rarely receive optimal care for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The specific symptoms that someone with dementia experiences will depend on the parts of the brain that are damaged and the underlying cause of the dementia. The use of complementary therapies such as aromatherapy in dementia care is increasingly popular in countries such as The Netherlands. One of the main reasons is the widespread acknowledgement that antipsychotics and conventional sedatives for behavioural problems will only lead to more problems, such as increased complications and even mortality, and that restraining patients goes against what we perceive as dignified and patient centred care.

Madeleine is a leading educator in training Dutch health care professionals in dementia care with her program Fusion AromaCare™ in Dementia Care, using essential oils and CO2 extracts to support all levels of wellbeing. In her 20 years of experience, she has seen excellent results in relieving pain, improving skin and oral care, and increasing mood and sleep. In this interactive workshop Madeleine will share her views and the latest insights on a number of dementia related challenges, and offer strategies for you to integrate into patient and family wellbeing at its best.