Botanica2020 welcomes the support of sponsorship to ensure its continued success and excellence in educational and business opportunities. In return, all sponsors benefit from excellent exposure prior to and during the event itself.

Sponsors are the life blood of botanica events as they permit us to maintain affordable registration fees to therapists and participants whilst at the same time offering them a high calibre experience in terms of content, professionalism and organisation.
With the transfer of botanica2020 to an entirely virtual conference and trade show, our sponsors are even more precious than ever and will benefit from increased and extended exposure as the conference opens up to a wider audience that lasts well beyond the event itself.

If you have queries about sponsorship, please get in touch


  1. Aromatics International
  2. Aromahead Institute
  3. Florihana
  4. PhytoChemia
  5. Labaroma
  6. Tisserand Institute
  7. floralkin
  8. NAHA
  9. Tazeka
  10. boswellness
  12. Aromastick
  13. bioesse
  14. Aromaluz
  15. Grupo Essence
  16. LASZLO
  18. Kicoza
  19. goymen
  20. CFA
  21. EIBE
  22. Shaktili
  23. CH
  24. Essencia oils
  25. tsikyrun
  26. IJCA
  27. Healing Fragrances School
  29. Alliance International Aromatherapists
  30. VAGA
  31. aromatherapy today
  32. rayka
  33. IJPHA
  34. Essential Oils
  35. Stillpoint Aromatics
  36. Oshadhi
  37. Sensory Solutions