Sally Gouldstone, UK

Does the aromatherapy sector have a part to play in nature conservation?

Sally is a doctor of Botany, who has worked until recently as a conservation scientist at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. She is passionate about plant conservation and particularly keen to fly the flag for sustainable production of plant-based products. In a world where space for nature is so minimal, the aromatherapy sector has a huge opportunity (some might say responsibility) to maximise biodiversity benefits through product production. To demonstrate this, Sally recently set up her own company growing and distilling native and naturalized Scottish plants to make essential oils and hydrosols. Through this venture she promotes:

1. The use of local provenance plant material, growing species that are supported by the local environment/ conditions that in turn support maximum biodiversity.

2. Sustainable harvest, ensuring the microhabitats/ climates crated through plant production for aromatherapy products are maintained year-round for wider biodiversity benefit.