Pam Conrad, USA

LECTURE: Obstetric pharmacology: remedies and risks and how they relate to herbs and essential oils
MASTERCLASS: Evidence-based clinical aromatherapy from pre-natal to post-partum

Pam Conrad is specialised in Women’s Health Clinical Aromatherapy. As a nurse, she practiced for 20 years in medical center hospitals as a Level 1 Trauma, Cardiology, Psychiatric and Women’s Health nurse where she also completed her Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Care Professionals certification course. She then went on to study advanced clinical aromatherapy and complementary therapy studies with nurses, doctors and midwives in England and France.
In 2008, Pam developed an evidence-based curriculum in Women’s Health Aromatherapy, which is the foundation for multiple hospital nursing and midwifery educational programs in different countries. It is the first and remains the only evidence-based Women’s Health Aromatherapy OB/GYN course for nurses and midwives in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America. This 2-day program is approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association. She has taught and continues to teach her evidence-based Women’s Health OB/GYN to hundreds of nurses and midwives in the USA and Chile.
In the USA, she has served as clinical aromatherapy educator and hospital consultant for multiple women’s health, pediatric and hospice programs. In Indianapolis, she practiced for 5 years as an onsite CAM nurse aromatherapist consultant for a large hospital pharmacy, developing compounded therapeutic aromatherapy blends, sourcing and providing evidence-based herbal and nutritional supplement education for healthcare professionals and outpatients.
In 2012, she conducted and published aromatherapy research with statistically significant results: ‘Clinical Aromatherapy for High Risk Postpartum Anxiety and Depression’.
In 2019 her book ‘Women’s Health Aromatherapy: a clinically evidence-based guidebook for nurses, midwives, doulas and therapists’ was published by Singing Dragon.