Sophie Gattefossé Moyrand, FRANCE

Opening of the botanica2020 conference: A tribute to René Maurice Gattefossé

After studying the History of Art at the Faculty of Lyon, Sophie entered the Palais Saint-Pierre, an emblematic building in Lyon in which the city's Fine Arts Museum is located. For 20 years Sophie worked as a 'Cultural Mediator' within the service, being responsible for making the collections of this great museum visible to the public.
Passionate about her professional activity Sophie also found the time to invest in several learned societies or structures pursuing a cultural action: including the Société d'Etudes des Hautes Alpes and being member of the Board of Directors of the Concert de l'Hostel Dieu, the renowned Lyon orchestra esteemed for its baroque music repertoire...
When her 3 daughters embarked on their higher education, and a few years after the death of her father, Marcel Gattefossé, Sophie took over the Presidency of the Gattefossé Foundation, a structure which she wished to set up in order to give more importance and meaning to the work of her grandfather René Maurice Gattefossé, and to pay tribute to the one who is considered to be the father of modern Aromatherapy. She herself graduated in Aromatherapy from the School of Medicinal Plants in Lyon.
Apart from her work within the Gattefossé Foundation, Sophie lives with her husband Jacques Moyrand, President of the Gattefossé company, her children and grandchildren, their passions for activities which lead them to rub shoulders with nature: aromatic gardens, hiking, mountain skiing, and deep sea navigation on all the world seas.