LECTURE: Aromatherapy at a crossroads: wholism, ingestion and pharmacological uses of essential oils
MASTERCLASS: The ins and outs of how essential oils work combined with effective blend creation

Joy is a published author and international presenter renowned for her fun way in making the scientific aspects of aromatherapy easy to understand. After her undergraduate Science degree (Bsc Hons) she developed the first course in essential oil chemistry in Australia in 1991. In 2006 she completed her PhD doctorate on the effect of essential oils on cognitive function in dementia. The third edition of her book ‘The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils” (Allan and Unwin, Sydney) is a standard text in many aromatherapy courses around the world. She is currently working on an expanded fourth edition.
Joy has a vision to establish a global network of researchers to provide a comprehensive evidence base for the use of essential oils in mainstream healthcare.