Pascale Frennet, BELGIUM

Antiviral and virucidal properties of essential oils: a systematic review

Pascale Frennet is aromatologist and therapist. She accompanies and work with patients in various hospital wards and more specifically in oncology, palliative care, neurology units. She accompanies children at the end of their lives and their families in their homes, in collaboration with St Luke's and Queen Fabiola University Hospitals in Brussels.

Pascale is also involved in the implementation of hospital projects in Belgium, incorporating aromatherapy.
She is a trainer for health care workers for an organization recognized by the Federal Public Health Service in Belgium.

After being trained in aromatherapy by Dominique Baudoux, she completed the complete course in scientific aromatherapy and aromachology at the Faculty of Natural Medicine and Ethnomedicine in Paris, with Pierre Franchomme and Patty Canac. At the same time, she studied quantum aromatherapy with Dr. Daniel Penoel and graduated from the Usha Veda School in Lausanne.
She is also a graduate of the University of Strasbourg in clinical aromatherapy.

Her current project (following her academic thesis) is a multicenter study on the use of essential oils in coma awakening.

Together with Didier PESONI (France) and Marco VALUSSI (Italy), Pascale will be presenting on their collaborative international project: A systematic review on antiviral and virucidal properties of essential oils.