Paul Duffy, UK

Aromatherapy inhalation as a prompt for relaxation within a hypnotherapy session: an experiential session

Paul has been teaching yoga for 20 years, providing gentle hatha yoga in retreats, private classes as well as for cancer patients in an NHS hospital and cancer support groups. With a special interest in mindful practice and also a Yoga Nidra teacher; a form of guided relaxation and meditation, Paul went on train in professional hypnotherapy.

Paul offers group hypnotherapy sessions to cancer support groups and individual hypnotherapy sessions in private practice.

At botanica2020 Paul will be leading a virtual progressive muscle relaxation session incorporating aromatherapy inhalation as a prompt for relaxation within the hypnotherapy session. Be sure to have your favourite aroma to use as a prompt to refresh and revitalize. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to allow you to relax and also retrain the mind to be more effective and useful to how you wish to be.