Barbara Daniel-Leppich, GERMANY

Trauma therapy and grief work after drastic life events: The role of psycho-aromatherapy

An aromatherapist for more than 30 years, Barbara Daniel-Leppich has a particular interest in psycho-aromatherapy. She holds a number of qualifications in psychotherapy, is a certified grief counsellor, is specialised in trauma work and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.
Since 2016 Barbara has been running her own private psychotherapy practice in Germany with a focus on trauma therapy and grief counselling where she uses scent as a diagnostic tool as well as a supportive instrument for empowering the client.
Barbara uses a combination of the basic concept of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® - a body-, mind- and psyche oriented approach to understand trauma in the guise of multiple symptoms on different levels as a means of expression of dysregulation as a consequence of long lasting harmful conditions or after drastic life events or losses.