Virtual Olfactory Exhibition: Raw Materials by Olfactory Ambass'odor Claudia De Vos

After obtaining her masters degree at the University of the Arts in 1989 (HKU), Claudia has been working as an artist. Through the years she has developed an interest in the senses and – more specifically – the olfactory sense: scents, odors, aromas... In order to establish a firmer knowledge base concerning the functioning and effects of scents, she followed a professional study on naturopathic aromatherapy and the psychology and psychoanalytic ideas of C.G. Jung. Her latest book, on scent psychology (in the Dutch language), is to be expected this autumn, by publisher Akasha. Claudia's art can be experienced in various settings and exhibitions.

Claudia says:

"As a scent psychologist I am interested in the connection between humans and aromatic plants. Connections referring to odor perception in a historical and cultural context, traditional and modern use of these plants and their aromatic compounds. As an artist, I like to give shape to this, almost invisible, interaction. I ‘translate’ odor perceptions into a fragrant, visual, sometimes touchable or audible form. My olfactory artworks are composed with various media using natural essences as a storyteller. I experiment with ceramic, drawing, painting, photography on materials like wood, cloth and vintage’ founds’. It can evoke memories, visions, communication and create (new) connections between people.

For this special online edition at Botanica2020 I have created a virtual olfactory tour. The tour is based upon my solo exhibition ‘Raw materials’ (2019, NL). In this tour, you can enter the exhibition space, look around and click on different art objects that I have created. When clicked, you will find information on the art objects themselves, together with an art meditation, audio tracks, videos and even the possibility to share your fragrant associations. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing your experiences.

The installation Out of the Box was originally designed for the exhibition Raw Materials to capture visitors associations and memories with the presented art and fragrances. Thus making it an organic, living artwork; as it ‘grew’ during the exhibition. As a visitor of this virtual Botanica exhibition you also are challenged to share your associations. Think out of the box and create a virtual ‘luggage label’ by leaving your comment at my attached Blog. And perhaps together we create new, collective memories.

In order to enjoy the exhibition the fullest, you can use either the Botanica scent patches that you receive in your delegate pack or use your own essentials oils; please consult the list of essential oils and extracts that were used in the original exhibition"