Christa Obuchowski, USA

Conscious wildcrafting and distillation: perspectives of a perfumer and distiller

Christa is a traditional naturopath, educator, distiller and botanical perfumer. She studied aromatherapy and plant medicine with leading authorities in the field and is involved in every aspect of the plant cycle: growing, harvesting, distilling and blending. Christa travels the world to learn about plants, essential oils, extracts and incense. For the last 30 years she has devoted herself to the art and science of blending plant extracts and healing with scent and hydrolats. Her great love is the creation of scent portraits for indiviudals using a ‘scent palette’. She distills much of her own plant material using the technique of hydrodistillation in silica glass vessels.

In 1994 Christa founded AromaBotanica Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is devoted to education. She teaches classes on plant medicine, distillation, extraction methods, the art of perfume making and self-care.