Adriana Nunes Wolffenbüttel, BRAZIL

Psychological and physiological efficacy of Citrus aurantium and Citrus sinensis essential oils by inhalation: their effects on depression and the immune system

Adriana is a post-doctoral researcher in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with specialisation in essential oils. She has experience in the field of chemistry with emphasis on analytical chemistry, in particular in chemical toxicology, quality control, essential oils, pharmacology and health formulations with essential and aromatic oils. Her post-doctoral research studied the therapeutic action of essential oils of different citrus species, conducted in the University Federal of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and will be presenting the results of this work at botanica2020. Prior to migrating to the area of medicinal plants and aromatherapy, Adriana worked for over 20 years in a laboratory for toxicological analysis of toxic plants.

She is author of the book ‘Fundamentals of the chemistry of essential oils and aromatherapy’ (in Portuguese and Spanish).