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What is virtual botanica2020?

Virtual botanica is a fully online conference and trade show experience celebrating clinical aromatherapy and related herbal therapeutics.

You attend from the comfort of your home / office without the expenses and other challenges involved in travelling to an in-person event.

What are the dates and how is it structured?

The dates and structure of the event is as follows:

18th & 19th September 2020: botanica conference, aromatherapy educators' roundtable discussion and dynamic trade show

20th September 2020: botanica masterclass workshops and dynamic trade show

On all 3 days of the event, there is also a live networking lounge for you to connect with other delegates and ask our expert speakers questions about their presentations.

You will have the option of attending for 2 days (18th & 19th September) or 3 days (18th - 20th September) based on your registration level.

Who is the event destined for?

If you are an aromatherapist, herbalist, distiller, essential oil product supplier, or researcher in the field of aromatherapy or herbal therapeutics, botanica2020 is the ideal platform for your professional, educational, sourcing and networking needs.

A main feature of the event is the international conference with world experts.

If you are seeking to connect in real time with artisanal distillers from around the world as well as suppliers of essential oils and related products including herbs, education and literature, the virtual trade show is dedicated to this purpose.

How can I register/ attend virtual botanica2020?

You simply need to register your place via the botanica website. Registrations will be opening shortly.

In the meantime, why not register your interest and we will send you a mail as soon as pricing and registrations open!

Once you have signed up for your chosen access level, you will receive a confirmation email. `
Then, just ahead of the live event, you will receive your unique access link.

Botanica2020 was originally set as a 4-day event in Slovenia and now it is a 3-day event – what is missing?

Nothing! All the existing conference lectures are maintained and we have added even more lecture sessions! In all you will be able to access presentations from over 30 speakers.

This is because in a virtual event, we are better able to economise on time and can also extend the opening hours of the event.

What is more, in the original botanica event, you had to choose between workshop topics – at the virtual botanica2020 you can now take part in all workshops delivered in a special masterclass format!

Some of the other activities such as taking part in Tripudio movement and guided relaxation sessions are also still taking place!

The trade show continues as planned – it runs over the full 3-day period providing you with real-time opportunities to connect with our exhibitors from around the world.

What is inevitably missing is the aroma, the hugs and the wonderful live entertainment and delicious food we had in store for you at the Slovenian event… but we are working on some ideas to introduce at least an aroma element into the event….watch this space!

What time zone is virtual botanica2020 taking place in?

The virtual botanica2020 schedule will be operating on British Summer time / GMT +1

What if I live in a different time zone like Australia, China, Brazil...does this mean I miss out?

Absolutely not! All conference sessions will be available on-demand for replay during the period of the event.

So even if you are sleeping whilst live conferences are being presented, you will still be able to access them when you awake!

Depending on your registration level, this on-demand access may be limited to the live event itself, or extended for a 30-day period, thereby enabling you to revisit the lectures on-demand.

As the trade show runs for the full 3 days of the event, you can always find time to visit the stands and connect in real-time chat with our exhibitors.

What if I cannot make the dates of botanica2020 but would still like to access the lectures and visit the trade show once the live event ends?

For 30 days post-botanica, all lectures will be available on the platform for on-demand replay. During this period, the live functionalities such as networking will no longer be available.

The virtual trade show also remains open for 30 days, permitting you to peruse the stands, take advantage of special offers, download company literatures and connect with exhibitors via their email or website links.

Please note: This option to attend post-event will only become available once the live edition of botanica2020 is over. The rate of attendance will be the same as the live event for this period.

Do I still get a certificate of attendance as evidence of my continuing professional development?

Yes indeed! We are currently communicating with most major aromatherapy associations worldwide to obtain specific CE credits.

I have already signed up and paid for my place at the original botanica2020 that was going to take place in Slovenia – what changes for me?

If you are already registered for botanica2020 and have informed us of your wish to transfer your place across to the virtual platform, then you automatically have the highest access level of registration, offering you the top level botanica2020 experience with numerous special benefits.

Once we open registrations, you will receive a confirmation email of your place together with other details.

I had also signed up for one or two botanica workshops – will these still go ahead?

We are delighted to announce that all workshops will still take place at virtual botanica2020 on the
20th September. These are taking place as special 1-hour masterclass sessions with additional time for questions.
What is more, you will have access to ALL workshops rather than having to choose between them!

If you have already signed up and paid for workshops, you will automatically have full access to this special workshop day.

Can I connect directly with other delegates, speakers and exhibitors?

Absolutely! This is one of the many strong features of virtual botanica2020.
During the live event (18th -20th September 2020), you are able to connect 1-to-1 with fellow delegates in the botanica networking lounge, ask questions directly to our speakers in our ‘ask the experts’ section and have real-time discussions with all our exhibitors in the virtual trade show area.

Depending on your registration level, you will also be able to attend and raise questions for discussion in our expert educators round table discussion on 20th September.

One of the things I loved about botanica events was the conference bag filled with samples and special offers…

A useful functionality of virtual botanica2020 is that you can create your own virtual ‘swag bag’ ! When you visit our sponsors’ and exhibitors’ trade stands, you can add their documentation, pricelists, discount coupons, sample offers and special botanica prizes to your virtual swag bag – all elements of which are then directly emailed to you for safe keeping!

Delegates who register early for the event will also receive in-person a few aromatic botanica delights ahead of the conference.

Are there any special system or software requirements to attend virtual botanica2020?

No. All you need is an internet connection with a working internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The stronger your internet connectivity, the better quality your live participation will be.

If you are able to connect and interact on Facebook or have sufficient connectivity to view YouTube videos, you have sufficient connection to take part in virtual botanica2020

What device can be used to access virtual botanica2020?

You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone (remember to have your devices fully charged and have your charger close at hand so as not to miss out on key parts of the event!)

What if I register for virtual botanica2020 and then I forget my login details?

No problem – all you need to do is go to the Login page and use the “forgot Password” option to have a new password emailed to your address.

What if I need technical help during the event itself?

There is 24h technical support during the time of the live event via the Technical Help desk in the conference lobby.

What languages are supported at virtual botanica?

Botanica2020 is conducted in English only.

What if I am not yet qualified in aromatherapy or herbal therapeutics – is botanica2020 still for me?

Then we commend you for taking a pro-active step to further your knowledge and skills by attending botanica2020! This event will give you a unique opportunity to network with practitioners from around the world and connect with world experts.
What is more, the trade show will enable you to make useful future business connections.

How can I plan ahead to make the most of my virtual botanica2020 experience?

Taking part in a virtual event from your own home brings its own rewards and distractions.

We suggest you block out the botanica dates 18th-20th September in your calendar right away and inform your family members that for its duration, you will need to be able to focus without distractions!

On the conference days themselves, we suggest you arrive on the platform early to familiarize yourself with all its aspects and have plenty of refreshments and snacks at hand and make good use of a “Do Not Disturb ” notice!
Plus of course.... be sure to have some essential oils on hand to help you focus!

Some of our delegates have already decided to find a location for the duration of botanica2020 that enables them to be able to fully participate. We would love to hear from you how you plan to create your own conference bubble!