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A special meeting is taking place at botanica2020!

A new feature of botanica2020 is the hosting of an independent meeting where aromatherapy educators and board members of aromatherapy organisations who are attending botanica are invited for a session of connections and roundtable discussion! This live session is maintained despite the changes to transfer botanica2020 to an entirely virtual event.

All participants of botanica2020 can take part in the live question and answer discussion with 11 panelists from seven different countries. The meeting begins at 6pm BST September 19th and will last for 90 minutes.

This opportunity for rich exchanges is possible as botanica2020 itself is not linked to or influenced by any one aromatherapy organisation.

In celebration and preparation for this special occasion, delegates may find food for thought and inspiration from a free document made available by the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy.
This document is a transcript together with slides of a keynote presentation delivered by Rhiannon Lewis for the AIA conference (USA) in 2013 entitled "Working at the coalface: advancing aromatherapy through research informed practice". It offers some perspectives that may be relevant when considering the future of aromatherapy education.

We have also prepared a document with the eleven educators' biographies for you to consult ahead of time! To access this document, click on the image below.