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A new feature of botanica2020 is the hosting of an independent post-conference meeting where aromatherapy educators and board members of aromatherapy organisations who are attending botanica are invited for an evening of connections and roundtable discussion.
This opportunity for rich exchanges is possible as botanica2020 itself is not linked to or influenced by any one aromatherapy organisation.
This unique evening is scheduled for the evening of Sunday May 24th, after the close of conference and will take place in a local hotel. As many aromatherapy organisations and key educators from around the world will be present at botanica2020, we wanted to create the opportunity for you to connect with one another socially and then to move on to discuss the current situation and future progression of the profession.

Please note that this meeting is only open to botanica participants who aromatherapy educators with an established school of aromatherapy or who are board members of professional aromatherapy association/ organisation.

This evening will be entirely funded by sponsors who, in exchange for their support secure one place at the roundtable. The cost for sponsorship of this special evening is 600 euros.
Contact us today to secure your sponsorship.